Sam Claflin: "She's a normal girl"


Pirates of the Caribbean actor Sam Clafin is one lucky man. He has two stunning lead ladies in his life. On set with him is Snow White co-star Kristen Stewart and at home is actress Laura Haddock.

When we chatted to the actor, we couldn't wait to get the gossip on both the girls. Having just started filming for Snow White, Sam seems to be getting on well with Kristen Stewart.

"She's lovely, a very talented girl," he told us. "Meeting her was one of those moments where I was expecting her to be a certain way, but she's a normal girl."

What do the pair chat about in between takes? If we were him we'd be asking all about Robert Pattinson, but it seems Sam hasn't questioned her on that front. Dammit.

"We have the same tastes in music so that's good - it's not all about acting. She's my age which is cool. But we haven't yet had that much time off-set together."

When we asked Sam who his ideal female lead would be, he was very loyal. "My girlfriend," he revealed. Then again, his girlfriend is none other than Laura Haddock, star of the Inbetweeners Movie, so we'll let him have that one.
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