MTV Style Best of 2010: Top Trends

Soon the ball will drop on 2010 and we'll ring in a brand spankin' new year full of menswear-inspired trousers and honeysuckle-colored blouses (so say the trend forecasters). But before "old acquaintance be forgot" we'd like to take you back—back to the fashion and beauty moments of 2010 that made us smile, laugh, and say to ourselves "WTF?!". Each day, until New Year's Eve, we'll bring you a Top 10 list featuring some of the most unforgettable looks, which we're almost positive will "come around" again.

ONE-SHOULDER: It's no wonder TONS of celebs, including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart and
Miley Cyrus, bared arms in single-strap dresses and jumpers—the one-shoulder silhouette is easier to wear
than strapless frocks and just as gorgeous.

SHEER: Stealing the spotlight was a cinch for Kristen Stewart, Florence Welch and Stephanie Pratt, who
were just a handful of stars who strategically showed some skin in partially see-through sheaths.



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