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Kristen på framsidan av Marie Claire USA - mars 2014

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Kristens intervju med NSMBL

NSMBL got the chance to talk to Kristen Stewart about her newest collaboration and her personal favourites, something that was hard to refuse of course! We were allowed to ask the beautiful actress, who just became the face of the new scent ‘Rosabotanica’ by Balenciaga, all kinds of questions. Kristen has started to like the fashion industry more and finds it more interesting, and she is very proud of her new campaign. Curious to see how the production happened behind the scenes, which products Kristen likes to use and how she feels about constantly being in the spotlight? You’ll see and read it here.
How does it feel to be chosen by such an iconic brand, Balenciaga, to become the face of the new perfume Rosabotanica?
It’s really incredible. I immediately took the chance to work with Nicolas Formicetti (I think they got the wrong name here, doesn’t she mean Nicolas Ghesquière?); I met him during a photo-shoot when I was very young and he was the one who showed me how creative and unique fashion can be. When he called me for this product, I was very enthusiastic. It’s really cool because I usually make movies and this is not really my area. In this way I can combine the best of both.

In what way does this perfume fit your personality?
I sincerely think it’s a wonderful scent; Florabotanica (predecessor of Rosabotanica) I have used for a while now. When I was younger, I didn’t often wear perfume but this perfume showed me that it can really complete your look. I love using Florabotanica in the morning, it’s more natural and light. Rosabotanica is very similar, but it is more daring and stronger and it’s ideal for nights, to go to a party or dinner for example.

Have you ever made a beauty/fashion blunder, for example by following a trend or wearing something you just don’t like anymore?
When I started in the world of red carpets and events I was still so young; when I look back now to what I was wearing then, I think ‘what was I thinking’ but it’s what I liked at that moment. When I was a child I really had no idea, which is actually kind of cute. I dressed like a little boy, which made me look a lot like my brother.

What are your favourite products that you use regularly?
A good moisturizer is very important, I love Dermalogica and Dr. Hauscka – and I also use Proactiv. Besides that I love dry shampoo and hair powder to volumize my hair. It’s not good to wash your hair frequently. It’s actually just important to stay healthy. Get exercise, eat well and every once in a while some green juice for an energy boost. I don’t really use a lot of make-up; at most I use a tinted moisturize because it’s better for your skin than a foundation.

What is the last thing you bought that you got really excited about?
Probably a pair of good sneakers. I don’t usually get excited from buying beauty products; usually more from a nice jacket or shoes.

How does it feel to be a beauty and fashion icon?
Thankfully it all went very naturally, it’s not something I really stop and think about daily. I realise that it’s very special that I get to wear the most beautiful dresses to events and that I’m meeting so many creative and interesting people. Some people don’t even realise how cool they are; you have those people who walk into a room and can fill that room with their energy. It’s really an honour to work with those people and be a part of the industry.

Is it sometimes scary to know that the whole world is watching you and judging everything you do and wear?
You can never make everybody happy, that’s something that I’ve really learned. My goal is to consciously try not to try to make everyone happy. If that’s something you want to accomplish in your life it’s really scary: you can never please everybody. As long as you make your own decision and do thing because it feels good to you, there will always be people who agree and people who don’t. It actually doesn’t even matter. Because at the end of the day, who really gives a shit what dress I’m wearing?
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Intervju med Kristen i Marie Claire UK

Kristen Stewart is a red carpet natural, gracing the press pens with such elegance and ease – but the star admits that she hasn't always been so comfortable with her style choices. While talking to the A-list actress in New York last week, we grilled her on style, beauty, and whether she has any wardrobe regrets (surely not) as she prepares to launch her latest partnership with Balenciaga, Rosabotanica.
We asked K-Stew if she ever looks back and regrets any of her style statements, to which she replied: 'Yeah, totally. Let’s see. Defnitely, I mean I’ve been doing it for a while so I’ve definitely seen fashions and been like "woah".'

She added: 'It shouldn’t be embarrassing because I was so young, but it doesn’t even matter how young you are, you’re just so, so embarrassed.'

We can't imagine Kristen has anything to be embarrassed about when it comes to sartorial choices. But she said: 'I think the pictures that they took at the premiere of Panic Room. It’s like a popular image to show from when I was younger, you know, like "she was a kid!". And I look at that and I’m like "Oh... my... gosh".

'I had like these baby hairs and I was being weird about them, so I was like, "I’m just gonna cut them off". And I had like these little things like poking out from under my hair and behind my ears, and a ridiculous outfit. I did not know how to get dressed up at that age at all, I didn’t even know what I liked. I was just like completely… a goofy kid.

'But it’s just funny to see like that goofy kid version – [because] when I should really be looking at old school photos, I’m looking at a red carpet photo.'

Kristen walked the red carpet alongside her co-star and life-long friend Jodie Foster back in 2002 when she was just 12 years old. A blonde, timid actress with the world – and plenty of exciting fashion collaborations – at her feet. As well as her Balenciaga deal, the star last month landed a contract as the latest face of Chanel. And we doubt it'll be her last. 

She told us: 'I definitely look back and think, "Oh that wasn’t my best choice", or that it was so obvious that I wasn’t comfortable in that. But at the same time, you know, I liked it then – you can’t really have too many regrets. 

'It is a good feeling though, when you get it right and you can walk tall. It shows, everyone can see that." 

Wise words indeed, Kristen Stewart.

Intervju + photoshoot med "Into The Gloss"

“If you looked at pictures of me when I was 14 or 15, you couldn’t tell the difference between me and my brothers. I looked like a boy, fully. I really like extremes. I wear jeans and t-shirts and am a total tomboy, but at the same time, when I pull out all the stops [for an event], I want to fucking go for it, polarized in the other direction from my reality. Everything Balenciaga makes is beautiful; watching their runway shows is like watching a movie. But wearing it is not the easiest thing. It’s tough to integrate that type of thing into your life. But when you can do it—wear something unexpected, with your personal style—it’s incredibly badass.

I still really don’t know how to do my own makeup. I do the same thing every day, if I do my own: mascara and black eyeliner. I’m a bit of a raccoon—I already have dark eyes—so I just make them a little bit darker. One of my makeup artists, Jill Dempsey, made an eyeliner that I really dig, but I don’t think she’s making any more, which is a bummer. I just use whatever black liner. There’s a pencil that you can get at Topshop that’s cheap, so I’ll get, like, five of them, and they last forever and they’re really, really good. I do both the top and bottom line and then just smudge it with my finger. I don’t have a favorite mascara, genuinely. I like it clumpy, though—I’ll use anything if it’s clumpy, black, and it works. I don’t mind it being really cakey and heavy.

If I’m being responsible, I’ll wash my face, but I never take off my eyeliner or my mascara because it looks so good the next day. It’s a continuous thing; I think I’ve never really had clean eyes. [Laughs] For my skin, I use the whole Proactive system. It really, really works for me; I’ve used it since I was a teenager, a young teenager. I feel like I’m a total spokesperson for them because it really did help me and I’m always telling people, ‘Oh, dude!’ and mentioning it in interviews, but I can’t imagine doing one of their commercials. I don’t think they’d want me to, to be honest. Better in print. [Laughs]

If I wasn’t an actor, I would definitely do things to my hair. I would cut it more, I would dye it more. At some point I want to do a total boy cut, completely—not a pretty, girly version—like a straight up James Dean haircut. And then, I’m definitely going to shave my head before I die. I will definitely tattoo my head while it’s shaved before my hair grows back. I’m not sure which part, probably the bottom quadrant in the back. I don’t know what the tattoo would be, yet. Still thinking.

I try not to force anything. For a shoot, if you can find one or two things that make you genuinely smile, it helps, rather than trying to think about taking beautiful photos. Because, in the moment, you’re literally so surrounded, you can’t think about every angle. I just try to breathe through it. It’s not my favorite thing, but I’ve gotten better than when I was younger. If you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable. For example, I feel like when I put my arm up, I’m not comfortable. That’s like a, ‘Oh, fuck, I don’t know what to do with myself’ look. Usually, if I’m feeling it and I’m comfortable, hands are down. I try to act natural.

I, personally, want to stay neutral so that I’m in a perfect position to, it sounds lame, but to transform myself for a role. If a project comes up and I’ve already got a shaved head, it would be a problem; I hate wearing wigs. But the way I choose roles anyway is very gut-oriented.

As long as I feel solid about my creative choices, people can have whatever image or perception of me that they’d like. You can’t think that someone’s impression of you is wrong—it’s their impression—and, therefore, you really can’t worry about it. So many people have developed their impressions based on fucking bullshit, and you’ll never do anything true to yourself, you’ll never make the art you want to make, if you’re concerned about that. At the same time, I’m a 23 year-old. I like clothes, but that’s not because I’m like, ‘Oh my god! I need to stay relevant!’ [Laughs]”

Intervjuer från "Camp X-Ray" Sundance

Entertaintment weekly
The Hollywood Reporter

Intervju med MTV

Kristen pratar med Josh på MTV om sin nya hund Cole och om hennes tatueringar. 


Kristens intervju med E! Online

If Kristen Stewart wants to give up acting, she may have a career in...professional golf!

"I can spank a golf ball," Stewart told me today at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival premiere of her new drama Camp X-Ray. "My dad says that. I totally ripped off my dad."

While she joked that she's "way too cool" to wear traditional preppy golf attire, Stewart says the sport isn't new for her. "I started playing when I was younger with [my dad], a dorky activity and hobby," she said.

In Camp X-Ray, she plays a guard at Guantanamo Bay who becomes friends with one of the prisoners. Lane Garrison, who plays a fellow guard, said golfing helped them unwind after filming the "heavy and intense" film.

"We built a driving range in the prison and I brought like 400 golf balls," he said. "We would go out there and hit about 100 golf balls. She has an amazing swing."

"She needs to do a golf movie," he said. "People will go see it. Maybe make it an action golf movie—golf with vampires."

Yeah, he went there.
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Ny intervju med ABC

Förlåt så mycket att uppdateringen från min sida suger just nu, vilket är märkligt eftersom jag skulle hoppa in och förbättra den, haha. Första anledningen till det är att det sker såå himla mycket nu med uppdateringen på mina andra fansites att jag knappt hinner att uppdatera där, och andra anledningen är att jag hatar att lägga ut bilder på Kristen tagna av paparazzin för att det verkligen märks hur mycket hon inte tycker om det, och det är nästan det enda som kommer från hennes sida. Men här är i alla fall en ny intervju som Kristen gjorde med ABC
Kristen Stewart has signed on to play the lead in "Like Crazy" director Drake Doremus' futuristic love story "Equals," and it's making her a nervous wreck.

"I can't believe I agreed to do it," said the "Twilight" actress about her upcoming role in the sci-fi drama, which also stars Nicholas Hoult of the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Stewart describes "Equals" as a slightly updated version of the 1956 film "1984," based on George Orwell's classic 1949 novel about rebellion in a repressed futuristic society. "Equals" begins filming later this year.

"I'm terrified of it," said the 23-year-old actress in a recent interview. "Though it's a movie with a really basic concept, it's overtly ambitious."
"In 'Equals,' things go wrong because you can't deny the humanity in everyone," said Stewart. "It's the most devastating story."

Adds Doremus of his sixth film: "It's about love in a world where love really doesn't exist anymore."

Written by Nathan Parker ("Moon"), "Equals" is the first film Doremus will direct that he didn't write himself.

"I trust Drake's process and I know we will do something really natural and real," said Stewart. "But I told Drake, 'Don't expect that I am going to be able to do this. It's too hard.' But he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. I've given directors disclaimers before, but never this much."

Jennifer Lawrence, who appeared in 2011's "Like Crazy," was one of the first actresses to read Parker's script. Though the story brought her to tears, she couldn't see herself in the role, said Doremus.

"It became evident in my head that Nick and Kristen would have great chemistry," the director said.

"It's a love story of epic, epic, epic proportion," added Stewart. "I'm scared."

This week, the actress heads to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where she'll star in writer-director Peter Sattler's soldier film "Camp X-Ray."

Intervju i Flaire Magazine - februari 2014

Stewart’s angsty lip curl can now be spotted on a new crop of Balenciaga ads for Rosabotanica (Florabotanica’s follow-up scent), where her stony, smoky-eyed stare contrasts the vivid floral vines creeping over her shoulder. The spicy rose-pepper blend aptly reflects the non-conformist personality the 23-year-old’s fans have come to adore.
Stewart’s F-bombed frankness and red-carpet Chuck Taylors are some of her best assets—because they’re real. “I had looked at the fashion world as superficial,” she admits when asked about her collaboration with Balenciaga’s former creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, whom she considers a“true artist.” “Before the photo shoot I did with him, it was always fucking torture,” she says of studio sessions. It’s this passion-first attitude that precipitated a gutsy two-year acting hiatus.“Unless there’s a story that you just fucking have to help bring to life, it’s not worth it,” she explains. Two roles have lured her back. In Sils Maria, she portrays a personal assistant to a troubled, aging actress, played by real-life Oscar winner Juliette Binoche. And in Camp X-Ray, a drama set in Guantanamo Bay, she plays a simple girl with unwavering ideals who realizes life isn’t black-and-white.“Her eyes are smashed open, and I know that feeling,” Stewart says, hinting, perhaps, at last year’s troubles.

As Twi fans wait for those flicks and her newly announced Chanel fashion campaign to be released later this year, they continue to beg, via tear-filled YouTube tirades, for a Bella-and-Edward reunion, be it fictional or real. Meanwhile, gossip blogs speculate daily about the pair’s on-again, off-again status.“They cast you as easily identifiable characters they can sell to the masses,” says Stewart.“When people pick up newspapers and read perfect summaries of my life in little concise stories, it’s kind of silly. Can anyone’s life be put into words like that?” Stewart is far from one-dimensional, and it’s that sense of mystery that keeps us hooked. A rose any less thorny surely wouldn’t be as sweet.

1 - Hands-off hair "I don't wash it a whole lot, so I use dry shampoo. Luckily I have a natural wave too."
2 - Canadian cuisine "Poutine is so intense. To put gravy on french fries with cheese.. it's the gnarliest fucking thing, but it's good."
3 - Ear candy "I was really into Interpol when I was little, so listening to them is nostalgic."
4 - Worthwhile souvenir "I bring books home whenever"
5 - Red-carpet special - Converse shoes

Ny/Gammal intervju med Kristen från OTR Cannes Promo

Intervjun är med El Pais från On The Road Cannes Promo.
Wearing a Blondie t-shirt, black shorts and an orange leather jacket by Balenciaga, the actress agreed to answering our questions, apologizing for not taking off her sunglasses that hid "a terrible flu".

- How does one put themselves in the shoes of a fictitious character but based on a real person? The responsibility must be double, as you have to do justice to the book and to the spirit of the actual Beat Generation.
"Responsibility is the word that better describes it. That's how I felt when I was shooting this movie. I read the book when I was 14 and I can say it was the first time I enjoyed a book. Thanks to it, I realized I liked reading, and it also made me discover other authors that have really left a mark in my life. The book was the start of my adolescence, that moment full of emotions, passion and strong beliefs".
- There's lot of sex and drugs in the movie. Up to what point were you against facing those scenes?
"It didn't make me uncomfortable at all. I felt secured and protected. I felt like I owed it to the character. I'm very different from her, but I knew I had to lose all the inhibitions to do a good job. And I'm a very introspective person, whereas Marylou is much more open. I didn't mind the nudity and drugs. Actually, to be honest with you, I was almost looking forward to it...God, this is going to be great for your headline [smiles]".

- Would you say that what the characters experienced was more transgressive than what people do today?
"I don't know. Maybe doing drugs and having promiscous sex is considered more sordid today than in the 50's. I'd say that, for those characters, it was a way to fully express their life."

- Do you share that urge to live to the fullest?
"I think it's a fundamental feeling. That's why the book managed to connect many readers over the decades. It is usually liked by people who realize that their values, priorities and limits are different that those of the majority. That's something I join in."

- How do you live to the fullest with everybody's eyes on you?
"It seems impossible from the outside. But apart from when you're promoting, I feel completely free to do what I feel like doing. If you're true to yourself, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever if people see you. They keep asking me what I feel, being I'm a role model of conduct for many girls and that stuff. I answer that if you want to be a role model you have to be true to who you actually are. If you think of how you would like people to perceive you, you're lying....and you're never going to be a model of anything."
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Ny/Gammal intervju med Kristen från OTR Cannes Promo

Kristen Stewart, a girl like others
The Kristen Stewart we met in Cannes at the premiere of 'On the Road' is different. More daring, more free. And she does not renounce her fame. She knows what is the reason for her success: she's like her fans, that's why they like her. She tells us why she's a girl like the others.

Kristen Stewart (Los Angeles, 1990) has the look of an iconic person. With only 22, she has gotten into the skin of several legendary figures of the past and present. As Joan Jett of The Runaways (Floria Sigismondi, 2010), she approached the punk rock of the 70s to a young audience. With Snow White and the Huntsman breathed a contemporary determination to the heroin by the Brothers Grimm. And as Bella Swan in the pentalogy Twilight Saga she became the Juliet of a new generation. Now, in On the Road, an adaptation of the legendary novel by Jack Kerouac, Stewart plays Marylou, the lively travel companion of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty. And despite all this history, she is still a young retracted girl finding his way to the microphones of journalists and the flashes of photographers, who she amazes -or desconcerts- with explosives looks. With her meet with FOTOGRAMAS at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress wears a shirt with the single cover of 'Picture This' of Blondie (design by Dolce & Gabbana), black mini-shorts, high heels and an orange Balenciaga leather jacket. There you have it.
"Each time I find out that is less hard for me to stand in front of a microphone," the actress confesses with that fast and choppy talking that has converted her in the perfect embodiment of post-adolescent angst. "Some time ago, I worried too much about protecting my privacy and I didn't know how to mark the boundaries. With the time, I have been adapting myself, letting out a little. Also, everything changes when you get to promote something you believe deeply in, as with my role in On the Road." Stewart tries to project a serene image: her words and reactions are restraint, yet her youthful momentum explodes in sudden outbreaks of excitement, as when she exclaims: "I think it's soooo ridiculous when an actor tries to sell himself like someone super interesting! Some people just end becoming their own media product. Before, I had a terrible shame that people could see me that way, so that's why I always tended to show tight."
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Kristen pratar med ELLE om hennes favoritoutfit i en film

Kristen har blivit intervjuad av ELLE Italien om vilken favoritoutfit från en film hon gillar bäst.
On her favorite outfit in a movie "The suit of Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, with the straight and tight skirt, and a white shirt. Beautiful, elegant, but also sporty and special, able to suggest atmospheres."

Ny intervju med Kristen i AZ Central

Let’s face it, if you’re Kristen Stewart, you’re forever going to be known as the actress from the “Twilight” movies.

That’s what happens when you’re the face of a franchise. But Stewart has also done some interesting smaller films, such as “The Cake Eaters,” “Adventureland” and “The Runaways” (playing a young Joan Jett).

“On the Road,” director Walter Salles’ version of the famous Jack Kerouac book, offers Stewart another chance to step away from Bella Swan. She plays Marylou, ex-wife of the character based on Neal Cassady (played by Garrett Hedlund). Stewart talked about that and what it was like to balance life between blockbusters.

Question: You’ve done huge movies and small ones. This one is somewhere in-between. Do they feel different when you’re making them?
Answer: It definitely doesn’t feel like an indie move that we really have to really peddle to get people to know about it. The nature of the story, I think, people have been waiting for it for decades, so the people who have any investment in it whatsoever, anybody who wants to see it, probably would have known about it.

Q: This is one of those books that for so long was considered not filmable. Did that add pressure?
A: Oh absolutely, my god. Walter, I mean, how many people spend years making a documentary in search of a possible film? He wasn’t even confident that he was going to make the movie. He was just satisfied and driven to research it and think about maybe putting a movie together. The honor that this thing is steeped in, it is hard to touch. The amount of work that it takes to make yourself feel validated, to even be there, to even consider helping out, is crazy — absolutely for me, unprecedented.

Q: A movie version has been talked about for years.
A: I think to look at the list of actors that came before you (who were discussed for the film) and go, wow, so those years passed you by. And then the next set of actors, they missed out. And so, is this actually going to come together with us? Is this actually going to happen?

Q: Wouldn’t it just stink to be one of the ones who missed out?
A: Oh god, it would be horrible. We weren’t completely sold that this movie was going to happen until we were literally standing on set, shooting it. Even throughout rehearsal it’s like, gosh, is this actually going to happen? It would have been the most painful, horrible experience. But fairly expected at the same time. I think it’s more surprising that we actually went through with it.

Q: How do you prepare for a role like this?
A: I think the only way to really satisfy anyone who loves “On the Road” with a film version is to genuinely have real experiences and hope that the research you’ve done and your love for the book finds its way into your body and into your bones, rather than through line readings, through pointed, planned-out scenes that you recall from the book. But everyone has a different experience reading that book. I think the point is to watch people surprise themselves rather than package and deliver a story to you.

Q: Does the reception of the film matter to you? Or of any film?
A: As soon as you’re really worried about how something is going to be consumed and at what level. … As an actor you should usually be thinking ahead. You should be looking in front of you instead of behind you. If the experience of making the movie wasn’t enough and you sort of need this validation at the end of the process, then you’re enjoying things for different reasons than I am.

Q: This is the second time that you likely will be associated with characters in famous books. Is that strange, that some people will think of you when reading it?
A: Yeah. It’s pretty mind-blowing. The other day they brought in a bunch of copies of “On the Road” for us to sign. The fact that I was even signing my name on that book really blew my mind. It’s crazy.

Kristen: "I have to prove I can do more than Bella"

K-Stew made a name for herself playing Bella Swan in Twilight. Now, she’s struggling to break free from her alter ego and prove that she can take on other roles with similar success.
Kristen Stewart tells the Chicago Sun Times that she is having a tough time venturing into new roles because she fears her former character, Bella Swan, will stay with her forever. She revealed that she was cautious about taking on other parts during Twilight. But now that the saga has ended, she’s doing her best to distance herself from her infamous role.


Even though Kristen feels that she can take on other roles without Bella constantly in her shadow, she acknowledged that there will always be fans keeping her character alive. She says, “Of course, there are people who so genuinely love theTwilight movies and books that they’ve said, ‘Every single time I see you in a movie, you’re still Bella to me.’ It doesn’t bother me. I just say, ‘Fantastic, you’re a big Bella fan. I can totally relate. I’m a fan of Bella, too.’” The actress has been fortunate to build such a tremendous following. Playing Bella changed the course of her career in a big way!


Kristen added, “I didn’t take many other projects while we were doing "Twilight". In the end, Bella didn’t stick with me more than any other character.”


It’s important to Kristen that she is able to show fans that her talent and her real life extends beyond that of vampire love stories. She says, “I do think people assume that I’m Bella. I have to prove to them that I can do other things and that she was just a character.” On screen she may be able to take on a new role, but off-screen fans still believe she is her former character. Maybe her pal, Taylor Lautner, can give her some good advice!




Kristens intervju med Suntime Chicago

‘Human beings are just animals,” says Kristen Stewart. “It’s about fiercely living and squeezing every single drop out of life and not denying any aspects of it.”

Despite her up-and-down personal life, Stewart is not talking about herself or any dramas that have tabloid headlines attached to them. Instead, she’s mulling over her explicit scenes in “On the Road,” opening Friday.


“So much is clearly illustrated through her sexuality in her film,” Stewart says of her character Marylou. “But there was nothing about it that seemed gratuitous. It just seemed so necessary. There was simply no question that this would be a more sexual role.”

Based on the classic book by Jack Kerouac, this adaptation is about a young writer named Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) whose life turns upside-down during a cross-country road trip with Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund) and his girlfriend, Marylou.


“She’s a very dedicated performer,” says Hedlund of working with Stewart. “She read this book at 15 and stuck with this project. It meant that much to her.”


After the tumultuous 2012 that brought her final “Twilight” film as Bella, Stewart now says, “I’m doing all right. No, I’m actually doing good. I’m happy.”

1 Do you remember when you first read “On the Road?”

It was on a reading list at my school. I remember it was literally next to “The Scarlet Letter” and “Catcher in the Rye.” Those books would have been cool, too, but I wanted to choose the most different one and went for it. I had the greatest time of possibly my whole academic career reading this book. I just aligned with that period in the book and kept thinking, “Wow. I love these words.”

2 What spoke to you in those words?

I loved that the book told me that it was my job to choose what my life was going to be. It was a conscious choice because life doesn’t just happen to you. It told me that you have to use every second in life. You can’t get complacent and let life pass you by. The people in this book were aggressively living. Also, it wasn’t about what happens to them in the end. It was about what happens to you in the middle, too.

3 So there were a few good life lessons here?

The book also tells you if something is driving you crazy, don’t deny it. Just hold on. Figure it out. Don’t let anything overwhelm you or sweep it under the rug. Again, these people in “On the Road” faced life head-on.

4 Is Marylou your most daring character?

I didn’t want to just play the wild, sexy, girl. Yes, she’s daring, but my favorite thing about taking this character on is that she’s self-aware and completely not self-conscious. She’s someone who can harness her fears in life although she’s not above emotions like jealousy.

5 Do you miss Bella? Is it strange after all these years of “Twilight” films to think you’ll never do another?

The most difficult thing I’ve ever done is to go off to another project like “On the Road” wondering if Bella would still stay with me. I didn’t take many other projects while we were doing “Twilight.” In the end, Bella didn’t stick with me more than any other character. Of course, there are people who so genuinely love the “Twilight” movies and books that they’ve said, “Every single time I see you in a movie, you’re still Bella to me.” It doesn’t bother me. I just say, “Fantastic, you’re a big Bella fan. I can totally relate. I’m a fan of Bella, too.” I do think people assume that I’m Bella. I have to prove to them that I can do other things and that she was just a character.


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