"Twilight" på lista över 5 romantiska vampyr-filmer

The 5 romantic vampire movies seamlessly intertwine romance and horror. They may be dark, bloody, and dreary, but an underlining theme of love and romance are in all 5 movies. They all deal with a vampire having feelings for a human, and sometimes the human does not return the affection. The 5 romantic vampire movies may have romance, but all but one still maintain a horror genre.
2. "Twilight" High school student Bella moves to the overcast city of Forks to live with her father. At school she is told about five foster kids adopted by Dr. Cullen, and after meeting them she is strongly drawn to Edward. The romantic vampire movie follows the love story between human Bella and vampire Edward. For some reason, no one in the town notices the Cullen's are vampires, but when Bella arrives she figures it out right away. "Twilight" was a blockbuster sensation and is based on the novel with the same name. There are two other "Twilight" installments to date, which are also great romantic vampire movies.
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