Fan encounter från 31 december 2010 (nyårsafton)

I'm originally from the South Coast of England (where my best mate still lives) so we rented out a chalet on the Isle of Wight. 

Let me just state, there was NO stalking involved, I am the only person in my group that loves Twilight and Kristen

We went to Ventor to a couple of the pubs on new years eve. There aren't a huge amount of pubs and we were moving on to the next one when we stopped to get cash out. The guy in front of us looked familiar, and then i twigged it was Tom Stu

Sure enough Rob was just behind him and Kristen walked past us with 2 other English girls (she is so little). 

I couldn't believe it but i didn't say anything to them at the time. I was in shock a little (also mildy tipsy!) we continued with our pub crawl stopping off for a couple more drinks in another pub. 

The final pub we got to at about ten to eleven in the evening and it was lovely so we decided to stay. Whilst goofing around with my best mate and having a smoke, I realised we were standing right in front of the Brit Pack! 

Kristen hung out with the girls most of the time i was there (she didn't seem to get bothered much at all and was chatting away) 

Later we went inside and I bumped into Rob (not intentional I swear!) the place was packed and small we stood right beside Kristen and her group watching the band play. They were all kinda mock dancing but then so were we as many drinks had been consumed at this point. 

I went to buy more drinks at the bar, and some bloke was asking Rob for a picture, he very politely declined... but said he would sign something. 

When i walked past I asked if he could sign a little ugly doll toy we had brought with us, which he did. Que a very interesting drunken conversation. The doll was blue and Rob wanted to know if it was racist to sign it! I laughed and said 'I didn't think so' he asked if we were having a good night. I replied by saying yes but I'm a probably a bit too pissed! he said 'yeah me too'!. 

The clock chimed in twelve to old lang time there was kissing and hugging all round( sorry to say Rob and Kristen didn't appear to kiss in the pub). 

I went outside for another smoke after twelve, and Kristen walked out with the two girls.... I went up to her and said something like 'Hey I don't want a picture or anything' which made her instantly relax a little and i continued on to say that The Runaways was my favourite film of this year, before i corrected myself and said last year ( i got a laugh ;) and that her performance inspired me to ask for a guitar for christmas from my boyfriend. 

She said that was *beep* awesome and Joan would be thrilled to hear that' we chatted a little bit more before i said thanks happy new year, blah blah blah. 

They all left at about quarter past twelve, we stayed at the pub drinking... a reporter came up and asked us some stuff and I told him to get bent! (drinking makes me feisty!!) 

I did say in my post they didn't appear to kiss but only because their group was large and rob was much nearer the bar. however, yes i was kissing my boyfriend so they may have kissed or hugged when i wasn't looking (let me add i wasn't staring the whole time, but inside the pub Kristen was literally next to me, so it was hard not to look a bit!)

More stuff happened but that was pretty much the gist of it :) I am sooo stoked I met Kristen, (I realised she is in the background of one of our pictures, but I will not be posting that as it is a personal photo between me and my friends, we could of taken loads of sly photos of them, but we didn't want to invade with the privacy.

She seemed a little surprised when i mentioned the runaways! ha To the person who asked what i meant by tiny, she just seemed very petit, i'm about 5' 7and half and she was a good few inches shorter than me (I wasn't wearing heels, before any one asks lol!) She is skinny but doesn't look strange because she has a small frame.

She did look knackered though :( poor thing, but she was very polite :D


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