Kristen på filmfestivalen i Cannes för "On the Road"

The star looked both edgy and chic in her separates — they were so appropriate and consistent with her personal sense of style!

Kristen Stewart and Balenciaga seem to be a match made in heaven. Not only is the star the latest face of their upcoming fragrance, but she also works the edgy looks so well — and that’s exactly what she did in Cannes on May 23. The star has been traveling nonstop promoting "Snow White and the Huntsman", but for her latest appearance she switched gears, arriving at a photocall for "On The Road".

I can’t imagine how tired the star is from all her travels! For someone who doesn’t love getting glam, I’m sure all of her appearances are wearing on her, however, K-Stew continues to work the carpet like a pro. Clad in printed Balenciaga pants, complete with a side zipper, white tank, Rebecca Minkoff ‘Becky’ blazer and black pumps, the star looked appropriate and chic. While it was a bit more casual, it was so consistent with her personal sense of style — and it was so edgy!

K-Stew really pulls off edgy looks so well on the red carpet — and that’s exactly what she did at the Met Ball, when she also wore Balenciaga.



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