Heyuguys.co.uk: "In defence of... Kristen Stewart"

It seems too easy to bash this girl; everyone seems to be jumping on board. In fact, it has become a meme to find things with more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart. Her sparkly companion, Robert Pattinson, receives criticism too but less for reasons that are unknown – perhaps it’s because of how openly he bashes the franchise or because he’s in Harry Potter or people have seen other outings of his and are basing their opinions on more than one film. What is hard to understand is why this criticism of Kristen Stewart is so commonplace, so ordinary, so definite, when it is blatantly, blatantly so wrong. You may disagree right now but think of it without being biased and how awful, awful the Twilight franchise is, think about her other performances, can you see what there is actually to see, her talent?
Instead, let’s look at her other roles shall we and where better to start than one of her earliest real roles. Panic Room isn’t David Fincher’s best film but it’s not an awful film in the slightest and one of the highlights of the film is Kristen Stewart. You may not believe it’s her as the androgyny crept into overdrive so much that on first viewing and not knowing it’s her, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a boy. Kristen plays it so well at such a young age that it’s clear there is talent in this girl and she can tap into it. Throughout the film there’s an array of facial expressions that will prove that annoying, crappy meme that I mentioned earlier wrong in an instant. In fact, one scene alone could put that meme to bed and that should prove to everyone alone that she has talent but don’t worry, there are plenty of other examples to prove all you nay-sayers wrong.
This is an actress with such talent but wasted talent as not only was it unused in the Twilight franchise but it now haunts her career with no one appreciating her at all. How can someone with such acting talent go painfully unappreciated as people blindly and stubbornly stick to their guns when there’s nothing to stick to? It’s almost criminal how people can be so ignorant to her talent. It’s infuriating that everyone loves to jump on a bashing bandwagon to bash and brush off a talent that, with the right material, could be one of the best and the most naturalistic actresses of this generation. People are oblivious to the obvious skills that she has at her disposal. They neglect her and have now rejected her and that’s something that needs to be changed and hopefully this’ll help people take a step in the right direction and teach them that you can’t ignore and scorn someone for controversial and flimsy excuses for reasons. Open your mind and don’t let the masses pressure you into wrongful opinions.
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