Kristen och Rob på Marcus Fosters konsert - 17 april

I've never seen someone get into a car so fast in my LIFE !! #robertpattinson lmao @debbiedebm look at him LEAP ������

Seeing Robert tonight just made my day . Being in the same room ... Seeing him hang with friends .. His gorgeous smile !! Ahhh��

#robertpattinson ordered a Heineken tonight . Lol overheard his order 

kristen left before Rob with a group of friends.

And #kristen is such a beauty ! Her skin is beautiful !!!!! She walked right by me&all I could do was stare at her !!! #dothekristen lol ;)

nooooo:((( she caught us completely off guard . She was walking pretty quickly too . The papz were following her.
it was really dark in there, so no good pics without flash. They were covered by their friends throughout most of the show
yes! I caught a few cuteness overload moments, they both looked happy :) and they got flipped the bird for taking pics by some of their peeps though


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