Tara Swennen pratar om Kristens jumpsuit på Met Gala

Från StyleCaster:
When it came time for the red carpet at last night’s Met Gala, we had a list of people we couldn’t wait to see—and Kristen Stewart was definitely one of them. The 23-year-old starlet turned up (sadly without Robert Pattinson) in a glamorous red jumpsuit by Stella McCartney, and was instantly one of the night’s standout stars.
Naturally, we had to consult her longtime stylist, Tara Swennen—who also dressed Teresa Palmer in Diane von Furstenberg for the big night—to get the full scoop. Swennen and K-Stew have worked together since the actress was 14 years old, so it’s no surprise that she has some great insight into the A-lister’s much-discussed sense of style.

Below, Swennen dishes on what it takes to style such a major event, as well as Stewart’s fashion evolution, and the one trend the “Twilight” actress refuses to try.

StyleCaster: The Met Gala is fashion’s biggest night. How is prepping for the red carpet different than others?
Tara Swennen: For both Kristen Stewart and Teresa Palmer, we started about a month out by figuring out who they were going with. We loved the idea of Stella McCartney for Kristen because she hasn’t gone with a girl before, so we were having our girl power moment. Teresa went with Diane von Furstenberg which was an organic fit as well. I never thought both of my girls would end up in red lace for a punk themed gala!

With Kristen, we went over the sketches via email—and it was unanimous decision that we really liked the jumpsuit. Stella had given us the option of doing it in black or green and the cranberry red color that we ended up going with. Kristen went back and forth between the red and the green—and we just decided we loved it. Her hair is a little bit reddish right now, so we thought it would complement it well.
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