Demi Lovato: "Kristen är min stilikon"

Demi Lovato Talks Kristen Stewart’s Style:

From bright, bold hair to a stew of stylish looks, the songstress definitely isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her versatile style. “I wear a lot of leather, a lot of black. I like to describe it as rocker chic- sophisticated and glamorous in my own way,” she said while dishing on her own look.


While Demi certainly has her own sense of style, there’s one person she believes is a major inspiration. “My style icons- I love Kirsten Stewart, I think she has incredible style. I also love Kate Moss,” she tells the press. We didn’t know KStew’s style had such an impact on Demi’s edgy look, but we love it! Both of the stars have sassy attitudes to match their sense of style.


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